Party Platters

About Our Sample Menus

Note that our sample menus are just that – samples. We have the ability to create more than would ever fit on a single website.
If you have specific requests or dietary restrictions, please note that in your booking form and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Local Fish Ceviche
Peppers, Cilantro, Tomato, Orange
segments, Red onion, Lime juice, Scotch bonnet

CI $100

Cold Cut Platter
blue cheese, parmesan, cheddar, olives,
artichoke, grissini, salami, chorizo, Parma ham

CI $120

Cheese Platter
gorgonzola, taleggio, manchego, brie, aged
cheddar, mango chutney, crackers, fruits

CI $140

Smoked Salmon
cream cheese, shallots, trout caviar, bagel chips,

CI $150

24 nigiri & 12 maki
Salmon, tuna, shrimp, Hamachi, wasabi, soy sauce

CI $350

Asian Noodle Salad
cabbage, teriyaki chicken, edamame, orange
peanut dressing

CI $60

Quinoa Shrimp tabouleh
lemon, parsley, mint, local cucumber,
cherry tomato, feta cheese

CI $60

Spread Trio
baba ghanoush, spicy paprika cottage cheese,
red bean hummus, assorted bread

CI $45

Shrimp Cocktail (40 pc.)
cocktail sauce, lemon

CI $130

Tomato & Mozzarella
basil pesto, balsamic reduction

CI $60

carrot, celery, cucumber, peppers, hummus,

blue cheese
dipping sauce

CI $50

Fruit Plate
watermelon, orange, strawberries, grapes, apple, kiwi,
mango (when in season)

CI $65